Sharkcoin carries a meaning in your name of that
that we need more and more these days.
From beginning to end,
SHARKCOIN is different from all other cryptocurrencies.
S – Segura/Safe
H – Híbrido/Hybrid
A – Anônima/Anonymous
R – Rápida/Fast
K – Know How

Fast transaction approx. 400 tx/s
DNS hard coded
Super secure
Consensus by masternode
POS 3.0.

Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transaction: InstantSend
Integrated BIP38, multisignature, blockexplorer, wallet repair and multisend functions in wallet

Low transaction fee
Fix "Spent Stake" vulnerability
Deleted all zerocoin features



Masternode amount: 20,000 SKN
Rewards: 27 SKN
Masternode: 20.25 SKN
POS: 6.75 SKN

Win64 Wallet

Win32 Wallet

Linux wallet

Mac OS wallet